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Sales and Use Tax

A complex system of rates and exemptions guides sales and use tax compliance. Laws have not kept pace with evolving technology or changes in the way business is conducted. Sales tax planning maximizes your competitive advantage and minimizes your costs and audit risk.

Sales and Use Tax Savings Uncovered

  • $1.4 million savings in sales tax on building materials for an Alabama quasi-governmental entity
  • $90,000 in savings on catalogs for a Tennessee department store chain
  • $166,000 reduction in audit findings during a Tennessee manufacturer’s sales tax audit
  • $50,000 in sales tax refunds for a Kentucky paving contractor
  • $20,000 in sales tax refunds for a Kentucky quarry operator
  • $650,000 in Hawaii general excise tax refunds for a drug wholesaler
  • $320,000 in sales tax refunds for a Tennessee advertising agency

Property Tax

Property tax is not a fixed cost. It can be lowered. Kirk Low has written property tax legislation that became law in four states, lowering the property taxes of clients. In four other states Kirk negotiated statewide reductions in assessments for clients.

Successes in Property Tax

  • $200,000 in tangible personal property tax reductions for a television group in Tennessee
  • Over $12,000 per year in savings for more than five years for a manufacturer by utilizing the pollution control reduced assessment rate in Tennessee
  • 30% savings for a St. Louis business on real property valuation
  • Millions in savings for television stations throughout the country during the conversion to high definition television

Business Tax

Departments of revenue and cities and counties across the country continuously revise loose guidelines and complex reporting requirements for business taxes. Savings opportunities are often hidden, the rules are vague and confusing, and unwritten rules are often common. Tax planning and tax research limit uncertainty. While audits may be a fact of life for businesses, penalties and interest can double your cost. Preparing for audits and managing the complex appeal process require specialized knowledge and expertise.

Savings for Small Companies

  • $1,500 in annual business tax savings for a small contractor in Tennessee
  • $26,000 in business tax refunds for a Tennessee advertising agency